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Dangelong Rd Fire update 1830hrs 23/03/2018
Fire has been well mapped and flown by aviation resources. There is no active edge at this time.
Numerous hotspots along the southern and western edge are being targeted by aircraft to reduce the risk posed over the coming weekend.
There is a hard line around the fire
The fireground is now well contained.
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love ya work RFS

Jindabyne and Wollondibby RFS and FRNSW have been responded to heavy smoke sighting in the area above the Thredbo River upstream from the trout hatchery.
The fire has been located and found to be a permit burn BUT the permit holder did not notify before he lit up and as such a lot of time and money was wasted in responding to this incident.
Permit holders have a responsibility to notify the fire authority that issued the permit before lighting up.
A two minute phone will save firefighters a lot of time and lost work hours.
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Fire map for Dangelong Rd fire
The fire is now covering 332 Ha and is contained
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Fire map for Dangelong Rd fire
The fire is now covering 332 Ha and is contained

LG RAFT Exercise Incident No: Operational Period (DTG) From: 23 Mar 18
To: 25 Mar 18

Situation Current – Lake George RAFT will hold its annual RAFT Exercise in the Kosciuszko National Park between the 23 Mar 18 and 25 Mar 18. Gunuma Lodge, Smiggin Holes, will be the base and accommodation for the weekend exercise.

Objectives Current – Exercise participants will choose one of three hikes to be undertaken on Saturday the 25 of March within the Snow River Catchment between Mt Kosciuszko and Guthega Village. Each hike has a varying level of difficulty and are graded level 3, level 4 and level 5. Sunday the 25th of March will see an educational, hands on demonstration at Gunuma Lodge before participants assist with clean up and then depart for home around 1300h.

Alternative - In the event of forecasted extreme weather at altitude, including +2.5cm of snow, and/or +15mm of rain, and/or winds gusting +60kmph the alternative lower altitude hike along the Thredbo River will be used. The alternative hike will be also cancelled if the above conditions are also predicted at the lower altitude. In this instance of severe weather rest and relaxation events will take place at locations around Jindabyne and Thredbo, dependent attendee's choice and budget.

Please be aware there will be a large number of RFS vehicles passing through Cooma enroute to this exercise.
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Due to hot temps and increased wind speeds over the weekend
all fire permits will be SUSPENDED from midnight Friday 23/03/2018 until midnight Sunday 25/03/2018
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Daniel King will that mean chainsaws

Update Kybean (Dangelong) Fire 1100hrs 23/03/2018.
Helicopters and FLIR cameras will again today be identifying hotspots and ground crews will be blacking out.
Hundred of spots were identified yesterday and crews will be working to reduce this to zero before predicted hotter and windy weather arrives for the weekend.
This fire is contained and all crews will be working the fire edge to maintain this status.
Because of the predicted weather and brigades having large numbers of their crews assigned to the Kybean fire.
ALL FIRE PERMITS WILL BE SUSPENDED from midnight Friday 23/03/2018 until Midnight Sunday. 25/03/2018
Weather for the weekend will see temp up to 26 degrees and wind increasing to 55kph
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Thanks for the update ❀

Update Kybean (Dangelong) Fire
1500hrs 22/03/18
Today we have 13 appliances and 30 firefighters working around the fire perimeter blacking out and improving the control lines in preparation for warmer and windy conditions over the coming weekend
There has been light rain over the fire ground overnight which has cooled things down and really assisted the blacking out the edges on this fire.
Dozers are working to completed 80% of control lines around the fire with NPWS raft teams working in the steep rocky areas where the dozers cannot access.
Strategies for today
Northern division to patrol and mop-up.
Eastern Division Patrol and mop up.
Western Division to patrol and mop up. Aggressive mop up on the southern edge due to forecast winds on Sat and Sun.
Aircraft to FLIR fire edge.
All Divisions to assist in identifying hotspots with handheld Thermal Imaging Camera's and water bucketing hotspots.
Complete containment.
There is no threat to property at this time.
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Thanks again for all effort thats been put in to containing the fire and subsequent backburns.shame about all the rumours that are getting around about the fire i guess some people have small minds and nothing better to do.thanks again to all the volunteers who came from all over the district in their own time to do a great job.

Thanks again for the updates and all your hard work. We can hear the choppers overhead in Cooma so its good to know its under control.

I can tell you first hand that the blokes were working hard yesterday πŸ‘πŸΌ

Good work everyone....



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Update Kybean (Dangelong) Fire
Today we have 6 RFS units, 7 NPWS units, 2 dozers and 3 helicopters with water buckets working on this fire.
Strategies for today.
Patrol, blackout and mop up of North and East Divisions. Ground crews to ensure existing containment on East and North division is maintained.
Aggressive aviation containment utilizing water bucketing and RAFT in combination with dozer to cut lines ahead of fire front
in West Division.
Ground crews are now working in very steep and inaccessible country in Dangerlong Nature Reserve.
The vegetation has changed from tall timber country in private land to very flammable heath within the nature reserve.
No propertys are under threat at this time.
Weather on the fire ground at 1300hrs 10 degrees, RH 77% Wind 10kph from the SE
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Any recent updates on this fire?

Are the buckets being filled out at the Murrumbidgee? I would love to take the kids out to see it.

Updates very much appreciated.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the fire. Keep up the good work.

In that country, it's hopeless

Stay safe everyone


Shezza Mac

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Update on Kybean and Potters Hill Fires. 2000hrs 20/03/2018.

Potters Hill fire at Shannons Flat is now at Patrol status on the NSW side of the boarder, ACTRFS will continue work north of the boarder.
NSWRFS crews have now finished on this fire, all patrol work will be carried out by ACTRFS crews.

Kybean fire is continuing to burn in some steep country on the Western side of the the fireground, late today the fire was pushed further west by strong Easterly winds which caused large amounts of smoke to be blown into Cooma.
Pockets of unburnt fuel on the East were lit today and a good clean control line was established.
Temp on the fire ground dropped to 14 deg with RH up to 70% and the chance of rain overnight.
RFS and NPWS crews will be working to fully contain and black out tomorrow.
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Very good guy's and girls great work and Thankyou xxx

Thanks for the update

Great work firiesπŸ‘

Shezza Mac

The large amounts of smoke that is visible around Cooma has been carried in a strong Easterly wind from the fire at Kybean.
If you see an unattended fire please ring 000
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Thank you my daughter was scared about that πŸ˜•


Shezza Mac

Kat Mills

Nicole Peri

Sue Bate

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